A Smile on My Face

I’m in love! Oh my gosh I am so glad that I came across Angie’s designs. I’ve been looking for a website template/design for what seems like forever! I’ve been looking since I switched to an official domain name. She was very fast with helping me set up everything, although I still need a few questions answered. Besides that minor detail, she is a delight to work with! Thank you Angie! Her designs are very pretty and AFFORDABLE. I don’t see how anyone can charge more than she does.


Angie Makes

I have come across a great amount of designers websites since the past few weeks and it absolutely blows my mind as to how much other people charge. I even saw some designs and I thought to myself “I can make that!” I really do need to start researching and learning more about the coding and everything for wordpress templates and if needed, more about blogger. After all I am a design student and have been in awe of wanting to open my own design shop someday.

When I was figuring out what images I wanted to use for the slider on the index page, I hadn’t looked at some of these images in FOREVER….

siestaKey42812 veryMerryxmas2011.1 veryMerryxmas2011.2 will42812



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