About Me

IMG_7387You really want to know who I am? I feel honored. In a nutshell: I’m a vivacious, bubbly, silly, weird & an energetic young lady.

I have a passion for the arts! Throughout the years on multiple profiles I would always state the same thing. I’m trying to simplify it all right here, right now. When I was younger I took gymnastics, then tap, jazz, clogging, ballet & pointe (VERY LITTLE ballet & pointe I might add). I do sing and am an actress. I am currently in a musical and am overjoyed to be on the stage again!

Over the years I’ve grown more attached to photography, and I photograph almost anything. My biggest muse is my boyfriend. I know, that sounds silly, but he’s photogenic and not bad to look at. : ) I love photographing sports and capturing those millisecond moments, along with weddings and portrait sessions.




2014-12-14 13.09.04

Some very simple facts about me are:

I love being in the arms of my boyfriend.
Chocolate chip cookie dough. Enough said!
I love almost anything Disney!
Young and Hungry, Liv and Maddie & FRIENDS are just a few of my favorite shows.
I consider Anna from Frozen, and Rapunzel my long lost sisters. (I’m a lot like them).
I wish I had thicker hair.
I am a college graduate as of December 2016 (Graphic Design Bachelor of Science – Web and Interactive Design).