In spite of Being a Woman


The next three days including today will be a little bit busy. A mix of wonderful things to be happen and hopefully that will help take my mind off of the pain I’m in. I felt completely sick to my stomach this morning.

I’m not trying to get too personal BUT I’m sure that some of you ladies might catch on to what I’m going to say. I’ve never felt this horrible before because usually I’ve been able to get a certain type of pill to help the pain go away. Unfortunately once I got to work this morning my lower stomach started to cramp up and I realized why it started to bother me. Since there weren’t any pills ANYWHERE to take, it kept increasing. I seriously have never felt this bad before. Darn our lady body problems!!! Why must our bodies have to be tortured?!?!

Besides feeling miserable UNTIL AFTER eating something AND taking some ibuprofen I remembered that tonight I will be going to church for an Easter service and then will be going out to dinner for my brothers birthday. (Which is technically tomorrow). His fiance will be there along with my father and his girlfriend as well. My boyfriend is working tonight. : ( He’ll be making some dough though. lol haha…He actually might, he works for a pizza company. I really love his job title “Driver Specialist.” I’m getting off the subject.

To come back to my brothers birthday dinner, I hope to get to talk to his fiance again. I really do honestly like her. Thank God! She’s so sweet and my brother use to absolutely love Carrie Underwood, and I can definitely see some sort of resemble some how. She’s pretty, small, blonde, and country. (She’s from Mississippi).

Tomorrow of course is Easter and I will be going to my grandmother’s. Tradition, tradition, tradition. If I were to not be at her house for Easter (and Christmas) she would kill me. Plus since I still live in the same town as her she would go crazy on me. I DO LOVE HER and she’s amazing!

Hopefully Monday will go smoothly as well. I’ve tried to get my boyfriend to consider going to the beach since I’ve been on my spring break and he finally said he would go. I’m looking forward to that. It’s always beautiful when we go, especially when we go to the beaches that are actually nice. The one that is closest to use it not pretty.

This is pretty…..



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