Interesting Things About Everyone As Customers

This is for anyone that has ever worked in a supermarket and heard silly statements or wanted to respond back to a customer but knew it would not end well with management. Hopefully, this speaks for many people, and we can all enjoy a little giggle from what many people have done and said in public.

What are you suppose to say to these questions when the answer is right in front of a customer:
I forgot my bags. (Is plastic or paper ok)?
Are you open? (For any Publix employee).
I have more than 10 items. (For any Publix employee on an express lane).
(Publix) Express Lane: A customer has more than 10 items and uses a check as well. (At some Publix locations, employees are told not to allow more than 10 items). *Abby made an excellent point on this topic on her blog post here: The 10 Commandments of The Grocery Store *4. Thou shall obey the express line rules. The sign says 15 items or less. It does not say, “Everything you can stick in the small-ass cart you chose instead of a regular cart.” That does not refer to the number of item types, but the actual item count. For example, those 75 cans of soup that took you 15 minutes to pick out does not count as a single item. You are not a special snowflake. If everybody ignored this rule, it would just be a regular line.*


-More than likely this is what all cashiers dread the most:
Money being given to you from a bra. (YUCK to the maximum)!!!

-Sometimes cashiers can be quick at scanning items and will keep going if they don’t see a divider. It’s not the cashiers fault if they start scanning a different persons’ products. I’m sure it doesn’t take much effort to pick up a divider to separate your items from someone else’s.

-How much is my total? (In most places you can see your total on a screen that is in front of you).

-Is it weird to have your items double bagged, and then put in a paper bag? I have personally seen this myself.

-(Publix) Express Lane: Customers should be considerate of other customers. Some customers will decide to set up products for multiple transactions (totaling in over 10 items).

-(Publix) Express Lane: Customers who use WIC should know exactly what they need. (When WIC ends up not going through properly it can become a huge process).

-Talking to someone on the phone. Here’s another excerpt from Abby’s The 10 Commandments* post – 7. Thou shall treat the cashier with respect. This means not chatting on your phone while she’s ringing up your groceries or getting ticked when she won’t accept the four expired coupons you thought she’d ignore. If you get caught trying to sneak in an expired coupon, just let it go. It’s 35-cents off of dish soap. You’ll survive.

-If you really don’t want to return your cart/buggy/carriage/shopping cart. Then please DO NOT leave it right in the way for another car to almost run into it. Please return it to the designated area that it’s supposed to go. If you’re at a Publix, employees can walk out with you and bring it back inside.




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