“Life Happens”

“Life happens” is what a lot of people say. It usually is used when something not so great happens (I’ve had my fair share of those. I think we all have). It is our first response, and why? I don’t know. I wanted to make this post about a good “life happens,” even though we may have bad days there are also great days. It’s you’re choice to try and turn it (a bad day) around.

Today was pretty spectacular for different reasons, and hopefully I’ll have photos to post soon about what physically happened. (It’ll be suspense until then, lol). I didn’t have my phone on me but my friend did. (I need to invest in a waterproof case for my phone)…

I am completely overjoyed by the grace of God. Lately I’ve been going through different things and it seems to be that if I do one thing something else gets adjusted and becomes a blessing (hopefully, and thankfully). I can easily flip out over very small things, but if I try to collect myself and calm myself down I can do anything and get through everything. Just like my favorite bible verse says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13.

I am good with my money but on occasion I like to splurge. Who doesn’t? I had my yearly eye exam a few weeks ago and when I realized that I hadn’t adjusted my payments I was overjoyed to see that I didn’t spend near as much money as I thought I had. I also feel pretty lucky & blessed to have come across extra money this money to be able to fix my garage door, because there’s a crack in the top panel. I’ll be happy to have a garage door fully working again.

I know everyone is different when it comes to religion, but I’ve always been told if you put God first everything will fall into place. I’ll be honest, I don’t go to church every single week, but when I do I feel good afterwards. I also feel a sense of presence when I see certain things happen to me (dealing with money situations, school projects, and even at my work).

I think what I’m really try to say about all of this, is that you shouldn’t always try to make your own paths. God has a plan for you and unfortunately you have to let go of the reigns to see what God has for you. Yes you have to get things done and there are deadlines, but some times if you DON’T worry about something, then it will happen and at the right time. We’re not suppose to worry about things, and when we get ourselves worked up about something, we then want to blame God for not helping us… That’s why he says to not worry.



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