Love Is In The Air

If Valentine’s wasn’t such a huge hype for the month of February then there probably wouldn’t be any “holiday” that would revolve around love. There shouldn’t be one day for love, if you’re in a relationship or not you should always love who ever is in your life (friends, family). I am lucky enough though that my boyfriend and I’s anniversary is in February as well.

Since I am feeling the love because of Valentine’s and my anniversary coming up, I thought I would compile a a list of things that I love. Some of these may be cheesy compared to others, but I think that’s ok. : ) What do you love?

I love:
Feeling fresh after a run/jog, I’m technically not smelling fresh, but my chest and lungs feel fresh and clean. (I’m silly, lol).
Taking long hot showers to get relaxed and comfortable for the night.
Being in the arms of my boyfriend.
The sound of my boyfriends laugh.
Getting 8+ hours of sleep after a long day.
Getting 8 hours of sleep in the first place. : )
Watching Youtube videos (Charismastar, Shaytards & c0ok1emonster are just a few of my many favorite youtubers).
Getting feedback on my photography.
Getting compliments on my hair when I have it in any braided type of hair style.
Making people smile.
I would LOVE to be a Disney Princess (which that might possibly come true this year)!?

[photo credit Josh Noel]

[photo credit Josh Noel]



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