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Have any of you ever had a bad habit that you just can’t seem to stop doing? I do! My horrible habit consist of biting my nails. It’s scary how short I can bite my nails down to the bead of the nail. They’ve never bled from biting, but of course there’s the occasional times of ripping off my cuticle skin and it bleed. I don’t mean to gross anyone out it’s just that, this is my horrible habit that has got to stop. You can get sick from biting your nails, and infections too.


Earlier this week I got my nails done with one of my best friends. I decided to get gel polish and I’m glad I did. I am amazed at how “different” gel polish is. It seems to be more shinier than regular nail polish and it is much stronger at staying on your nails. Like I said, I’m a biter. I have bit down on my nails a few times and it has not moved at all. Usually when I bite down on my nails the polish will have dents in it and then start to peel right off.

If gel polish and the drying UV lamp weren’t pricey then I would have it in a heart beat. The brand that was used on my nails is Gelish.

QUESTION: How long does Gelish last?
ANSWER: Gelish® will last until you soak it off. Gelish® does not peel, chip or fade, it performs like a GEL. Will provide up to 21 days of lasting color.

It has been four days so far and is still beautiully shining on my nails. The name of the color is “Ocean Wave.”

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