Pop of Color

Ok, so I saw on youtube the other night. FIY, I’m ALWAYS on youtube watching videos. : ) I came across a certain make up palette and feel in love. I kept watching videos featuring the palette and tutorials. This palette was creatd by Sigma. YES! It’s the new Creme de Couture and has all bright colors. I’ll be honest I’ve never been much of a bright color girl BUT I have always liked a little bit of a pop to an eye make up look.

Today I decided to buy NYX jumbo eye pencil in the color milk. Leesha (xSparkage on youtube) is very well known for using milk for many of her tutorials when it comes to doing the eyeshadow. She did say in her first tutorial featuring the creme de couture palette that the colors will look chalky but if you use a white base that is creamy they’ll apply very nicely. So why did you buy the jumbo pencil in the color milk Britt?! I gave in and bought the creme de couture palette, I did it! I’m actually very excited about this purchase AND I did receive a discount. Who does like a discount?! : )

Since I’m in the mood for some color I did an eye look today and thought I would share it. I also bought the color “Peacock” (blue-ish/green) in NYX jumbo eye pencil and used that along with Michelle Phan’s “Springtime” that is the purple shade (on my bottom waterline). I LOVE purples, plus purple will make green eyes pop.

If anyone is curious, the creme de Couture palette has 16 colors and like I said they are bright colors. I think they’ll be perfect for tutorials, and crazy fun looks. Even some halloween looks could be created using this palette. Just in case, here’s a link to the website where you can look at the palette:


Make sure to search “Creme de Couture”


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